Liz Martinez 2019 “Cappadocia” Collection

For her latest bridal collection, Liz Martinez was inspired by both nature and the multicultural urban environment where she is based. Ethereally romantic yet elegantly modern, the 2019 collection is characterized by floaty skirts and delicately embellished bodice, in a variety of silhouettes from vintage and princess-like to contemporary and glamorous.

“The collection, which was shot in Cappadocia a few weeks ago by renowned fashion photographer Dudi Hasson, shows the virtuoso ability of the young designer to create a wide range of unique items while maintaining a sexy but elegant look that has become her trademark. The connection between the inspiration that Liz Martinez draws from nature and the multicultural urban environment in which she lives and creates, transforms the Mediterranean scenes into a perfect backdrop for a film-noir, movement and dreamlike atmosphere.”

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Photos: Dudi Hasson