MUSE by Berta 2019 “Barcelona” Wedding Dresses

Ready for some out of this world dreaminess? Well, you’ve definitely come to the right page cos we’ve got some major gorgeousness courtesy of the new MUSE by Berta collection. While the Berta Privee collection took us back to the original Berta aesthetic, for the 2019 “Barcelona” bridal collection, Berta magically taps into all our current bridal fantasies to produce exquisite gowns of incredible lightness, with unique contemporary details that will take your breath away.

“Shot in picturesque Barcelona the MUSE by Berta 2019 collection is full of awe, imagination, and romance. With backdrops of contemporary architecture, Catalan art nouveau, and hidden shops, this collection takes you through a Barcelona love fairy tale.

Whether it be the soft shoulder details cascading into the skirt, or lace peeking through layers of delicate fabrics you are sure to be in awe of this collection. The small hidden details are what makes each and every style so unique. BERTA created masterpieces, one by one, using the delicacy of each carefully thought out fabric. The craftsmanship and work put into each stitch is done so sensibly.”

Photos courtesy of Berta. For details, visit Berta.