Riki Dalal 2018 Wedding Dresses

Riki Dalal’s Glamour Collection was inspired by the beauty and charisma of powerful and unforgettable female vocalists of our time. The exquisite designs reflect the passion and elegance of the stars that inspired them, with brilliant embellishments mirroring the “larger than life” personalities of Dalal’s muses and the brides who will wear them. The designer maintains her signature stamp by continuing to play with flowing materials, soft tulles and chiffons in a variety of neutral tones, this time incorporating unconventional cuts and textures into the mix:

“I loved the inspiration taken from singers such as Aretha, Whitney and Cher, as so much of their lyrics and stage style and presence inspired me to be greater, stronger, fearless, and full of innovation.”

Photos courtesy Riki Dalal. For details, visit Riki Dalal.